Trust 1.3 Mega Pixel High Resolution Webcam

Trust 1.3 Mega Pixel High Resolution Webcam

“This is my first webcam, and I am very satisfied with it. The instructions were easy to follow and the picture quality was quiet good. You can adjust the focus ring.” – Abigail

This web cam comes in bright, colourful and strong packaging that will catch the eye. The camera itself is light and easy to transport however it has a strong and robust feel and would be easy to fit in to a laptop bag.
The instructions are in the form of a quick start guide and are very easy to follow. The product does not come with a CD, but instead, comes with a link to download the latest software. We had the camera up and working within 5 minutes.
The picture quality was very good and would easily cope with full screen, full frame rate video capture/stream. There are a lot of effects that can be added to the stream which include an aged photo effect along with other effects such as motion blurring etc. There are also a number of picture frames that can be overlaid.
Physically on the camera there is a manual focus ring that provides a wide degree of focusing possibilities. In addition to this, in the software suite there are a full range of adjustments such as brightness, white balance and contrast.  There are some special features of this camera that include an image capture button, and LED to warn when the camera is active and a monitor clip that will adjust to most monitor types.

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