Intelligent Talk – Ubuntu Data Centre Goes Live

Intelligent Talk have are a rapidly expanding company based with in Milton Keynes.  They have recently undergone a rapid expansion that has facilitated the use of cutting edge Ubuntu Software as the enabler to expansion.

Ubuntu, as with most Linux operating systems is distributed free of charge and can be used for commercial purposes.

Intelligent Talk required  required a reliable, quick to implement and above all, cost effective solution for a new business requirement based within the same managed building, but in a new office.  Users need to be able to access the web based CRM system and have occasional access to the network data in order to update excel files.  IT-MK Limited  suggested a Linux based solution due to the great feature set and low total cost of ownership.  Lower hardware requirements ensured old PC’s were given a new lease of life with the latest Ubuntu Linux distribution.  An up-link to the main network was provided in the form of a fast Netgear Pro Safe Switch allowing the room expansion to be up and running, including the re-installation of 6 workstations and associated network cabling within 4 hours.   The system went live and the users took to it like ducks to water. The savings compared to traditional licensed models runs into thousands of pounds.

“The Linux system has proven to be a great success allowing us to progress our business at a fraction of the cost of a Microsoft system.  The installation went smoothly and the users love the new system.  We are a leading provider in our field and are pleased to be leading the way at the cutting edge of IT technology with the implantation of an Open Source Software model.  We are hoping to roll this out to over 50 users in the next 12 – 18 months.  Which is going to save us tens of thousands of pounds.” — James Roberts, Intelligent Talk


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