Our Internal Systems … Overhaul details…

Over the Christmas period we will be overhauling our internal systems, which is why, this year, we are closing our doors on the 19th!

We will be fully rebuilding our rack with completely new equipment.  The rack will consist of the following:

1 x Dell 1950 Dual Xeon 1U Server – 32Gb RAM – VMWARE1
1 x Dell 1950 Dual Xeon 1U Server – 16Gb RAM – VMWARE2
1 x Dell 1950 Dual Xeon 1U Server – 8GB RAM – VMWARE3
2 X Dell 2950 Dual Xeon 2U Servers – 16Gb RAM – SANARRAY1 – SANARRAY2
1 x HP ML350 G5 – Single Xeon 4U Server – 8Gb RAM – ASTERISK (Phone System)
1 x HP N54L Microserver – Single Xeon 8Gb RAM – ISCSI Backup Target
1 x Watchguard X550 Firewall – Main Internet Connection
1 x Watchguard X20E Firewall – Between Main Network and SAN for management of SAN
1 x SunFIre V210 – Dual SparcIII Server running SQUID Proxy Server
1 x SAN Switch (May be Fibre, To be confirmed)
1 X Managed Gig Switch for Main Network

We estimate this will take us about 4 days to fully configure and install, please bear with us during this time 🙂

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