Internet Cafe – Are You At Risk?

An Internet cafe or a local Wi-Fi Hotspot may seem like the ideal place to catch up on your correspondence and friends but how safe are they?  Well the answer for most is not very.  There are a combination of things going on which means it coud be potentially dangerous to use them without first knowing a few facts and how to protect yourself.

Firstly with many people connecting to a single access point there is an inherent risk that one of those people may not be simply checking their e-mail.  In the networked world there is software called a “Network analyser”.  This software has the sole job of enabling IT professionals track down difficult network problems they work by allowing us to see the information which is coded onto the network cable or travelling to and fro from the access point.  This software also allows a cracker to look at packets of data in the same way.  A small amount of juggling and the cracker can happily see all of the unencrypted data which is traveling to a fro from each device connected to the access point. 

Now our legitimate user logs onto say a web-based e-mail application and checks his mail.  The username and password that is sent to the web mail site is sent down the wire in an unencrypted format, this means that the cracker can simply read the username and password.  It is that simple.

The way to protect yourself against this is simple.  Use an encrypted VPN tunnel to a trusted site.  So now our legitimate user logs onto the same wireless access point inside his favorite cafe, however this time, as soon as they are connected they establish an IPSEC Encrypted VPN tunnel back to their office.  This sends al of the traffic from the laptop including internet traffic to the VPN endpoint, for our example this is the users office.  Now all the cracker can see is an encrypted hash of information.  Even if the site has no encryption, the information is still encrypted, sent down the VPN, unencrypted and passed to the website. 

If you would like to know more about safety on the Internet and from public locations please contact one of our team who will be happy to help.

IT-MK Partnership with Microsoft

IT-MK today became a partner of Microsoft.  This gives our staff access to the latest training and white papers from the technology giant.  In turn this mean that IT-MK can continue to bring you the high quality solutions you are used to, and it will allow us to extract even more value from your infrastucture.  IT-MK Limited are comitted to bringing down the total cost of ownership as much as possible while support our customers to remain on the cutting edge of technology.


microsoft partner logo

microsoft partner logo

We Have Moved!

We are pleased to announce that we have completed both our Office move and technology upgrade, this has included a Cisco phone system, new servers and network structure, and new workstations throughout our infrastructure.   We are confident that this will enable us to respond quicker to the changing needs of our customers and to provide an even better ongoing service.  Our corporate ethos remains the same, which is that of first class customer service.

Should you have any computer or network related issues that you require addressing please contact us either on the number below or via e-mail: and we will be happy to help.  In addition to this you can find out more about us on our website:  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the near future.

IT-MK Limited can now be found at our new office address:

L30, MK:Two Business Center,
Barton Road
Water Eaton
Milton Keynes

Our phone number remains the same which is: 01908 880 677, which is now 8 lines.

Information, Information, Information

We have had some new information packs printed.  If you would like one please contact us on +44 (0) 1908 880 677, and one of our staff will get one in the post to you.

We Are Moving!!!

IT-MK Limited would like to take this opportunity to let all of our customers know that we are moving into slightly larger offices between the 21st September 2009 to the 28th September 2009, this means that there may be a slight dissruption at times to our phone services.  We will try and keep any outages to a minimum.  During this time, you may find our telephone number rings a little longer than normal.  Our Office move should be complete and fully operational by 29th September 2009, at which time all operations will be carried out from our new Office:

L30, MK:Two
Barton Road
Milton Keynes

Our phone number will remain the same and is: +44 (0) 1908 880 677

We would like to thank our customers for their patience during this time.

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