New Alienware Laptop Range Now Available

New Alienware Laptop Range Now Available

Check out these new top spec Alienware gaming laptops now available from IT-MK Limited, starting price is £1099 Inc VAT. Give us a call to discuss your custom build Alienware today, 01908 880 677

Intelligent Talk – Ubuntu Data Centre Goes Live

Intelligent Talk have are a rapidly expanding company based with in Milton Keynes.  They have recently undergone a rapid expansion that has facilitated the use of cutting edge Ubuntu Software as the enabler to expansion.

Ubuntu, as with most Linux operating systems is distributed free of charge and can be used for commercial purposes.

Intelligent Talk required  required a reliable, quick to implement and above all, cost effective solution for a new business requirement based within the same managed building, but in a new office.  Users need to be able to access the web based CRM system and have occasional access to the network data in order to update excel files.  IT-MK Limited  suggested a Linux based solution due to the great feature set and low total cost of ownership.  Lower hardware requirements ensured old PC’s were given a new lease of life with the latest Ubuntu Linux distribution.  An up-link to the main network was provided in the form of a fast Netgear Pro Safe Switch allowing the room expansion to be up and running, including the re-installation of 6 workstations and associated network cabling within 4 hours.   The system went live and the users took to it like ducks to water. The savings compared to traditional licensed models runs into thousands of pounds.

“The Linux system has proven to be a great success allowing us to progress our business at a fraction of the cost of a Microsoft system.  The installation went smoothly and the users love the new system.  We are a leading provider in our field and are pleased to be leading the way at the cutting edge of IT technology with the implantation of an Open Source Software model.  We are hoping to roll this out to over 50 users in the next 12 – 18 months.  Which is going to save us tens of thousands of pounds.” — James Roberts, Intelligent Talk


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Need a No Compromise High Performance Laptop?


Alienware is a brand, now a part of the computing giant Dell.  However Dell are very careful to keep Alienware slightly separated from its main brand, why?  Because Alienware offer really serious hardware.  Take a top of the range dell system and give it steroids and now your getting close.

If you need a no compromise fast laptop then Alienware is the one for you.  High resolution, High Contrast display.  Massive hard disk capacity, lots of memory and available with the Intel Core i7 Quad Core hyper-threading processors, and distinctive, stand out from the crowd design. These systems are no compromise performance on the go.

Have a chat to us to order yours today, you will not be disappointed.

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Trust 1.3 Mega Pixel High Resolution Webcam

Trust 1.3 Mega Pixel High Resolution Webcam

“This is my first webcam, and I am very satisfied with it. The instructions were easy to follow and the picture quality was quiet good. You can adjust the focus ring.” – Abigail

This web cam comes in bright, colourful and strong packaging that will catch the eye. The camera itself is light and easy to transport however it has a strong and robust feel and would be easy to fit in to a laptop bag.
The instructions are in the form of a quick start guide and are very easy to follow. The product does not come with a CD, but instead, comes with a link to download the latest software. We had the camera up and working within 5 minutes.
The picture quality was very good and would easily cope with full screen, full frame rate video capture/stream. There are a lot of effects that can be added to the stream which include an aged photo effect along with other effects such as motion blurring etc. There are also a number of picture frames that can be overlaid.
Physically on the camera there is a manual focus ring that provides a wide degree of focusing possibilities. In addition to this, in the software suite there are a full range of adjustments such as brightness, white balance and contrast.  There are some special features of this camera that include an image capture button, and LED to warn when the camera is active and a monitor clip that will adjust to most monitor types.

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Upgrade Works

We will be upgrading our mail servers over the weekend 27 – 30th January, hence E-mail activity might be a little sporadic during this time. Normal service should be resumed by 8am Monday morning, however any further notes will be posted here 🙂

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Modifying a Website

The first thing you will require is the website “FTP” details, these are available from you provider (whoever is hosting the website). These should consist of three things:

1) Username
2) Password
3) FTP Location e.g.

Once you have these you will require an FTP client software, a good example of this (free) would be Filezilla ( Simply download and detonate the installer and then follow the on-screen prompts.
You are now in a position to “Downlad” the website code from the FTP server.

1) Open FileZilla or other FTP application
2) In the case of Filezilla enter your ftp location, username and password in the boxes at the top and then click connect.
3) You will see the FTP windows just below, the right hand side shows the contents on the Internet and the left hand side shows the local information.
4) Highlight everything in the right hand window (in the same way you do in windows explorer)
5) Navigate in the left hand side window to where you would like to store the downloaded content.
6) Right click on the highlighted files and folders on the right hand side and click download.
7) This will now start to do things, and download each file one by one to the location you have specified on the right hand side. Now you are going to need an HTML editing application, you can simply use Notepad but I would suggest “Bluefish” (Free) which is an excellent application that is available on both Linux and Windows. The Bluefish Project is located at simply click the download link and read the instructions for your operating system. In the case of Fedora (not familiar with others) you can use the package installer, or issue a yum install bluefish command.

    Making Changes

Open Bluefish, select file open and then navigate to the location you specified to download your content to in the previous steps. The main file (Homepage) will usually be called index.htm, index.html, default.htm or default.html but could be anything. Once opened make your changes in the main window and click file save to save. There are many hundreds of great HTML programming guides on the internet a good example is But the safest thing to do is to try things out on a test website.

Remember this is an offline data set we are fiddling with, so if you do make a complete hash of it, then simply go back to filezilla and re-download the page in question.

Remember for great IT support in Milton Keynes contact

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