Smart Phones Are They That Smart?

Need your e-mail on the go?  Like to keep track of your appointments and to-do lists?

Then you may be in luck. By using a smartphone and a Microsoft Exchange server this dream could be closer than you may think. We have been busy this week testing a new breed of smartphone, the Samsung S8000 or Jet.

Samsung S8000 Jet

The Stunning New Samsung Jet

The Jet features an 800Mhz processor, slick AMOLED display, and all the usual trimmings you would expect in a phone from one of the worlds leading manufacturers.  The unit integrates tightly with Microsoft exchange meaning that your e-mail, tasks, contacts, and to-do list is synchronized via the mobile network with your corporate Microsoft Exchange Server from wherever you happen to be.  This means that you will always have an up-to-date diary and people at the office can book appointments for you knowing that in near realtime they will appear in your phone diary.

As a phone, the units we tested were connected to the Vodafone network which produced excellent coverage with second to none call quality.  The phone was able to produce a high quality bluetooth link to our TomTom devices providing all of the features including Traffic Updates and Hands-Free calling.

Application availability is a little limited, however there are promises from Samsung that more applications for this unit are on the way, currently there are nowhere near as many applications as there are for the Jet’s main competitor, the iPhone.

The screen is crisp and high-resolution and produces and easy to read display in all of the lighting conditions we tested it in.   Mobile web-browsing was adequate, the one touch zoom feature was invaluable.   However, mobile web-browsing is still limited and in no way a substitute for a laptop and 3G card.

Samsung have added a 5 Megapixel camera to the Jet which does produce great images for a phone, again however the lack of a xenon flash unit ment that the Jet did struggle to maintain good picture quality in low lighting conditions.

Video calling worked very well providing a good clear view of the remote person and excellent audio, however it should be noted that both units need excellent 3G or better coverage to achieve this.

Overall we were very impressed with the Jet, so much so that we now have a fleet of them here at IT-MK!  We found that the niggles with the user interface were outweighed by the Jet’s sheer speed.   This is easily one of the fastest phones we have seen.  The unit is more than capable at flicking through screens without too much lag between touching the screen and things happening.  We would happily recommend this unit to our customers as it feels well made, works quickly, integrates with exchange and yet still maintains excellent, useable phone features.